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Harrington Grove residents already enjoy a central and convenient location close to schools, shopping precincts, cafes and restaurants. Now the area will be even better linked without compromising on its quiet location.

Upgrades to Oran Park Drive

Harrington Estates has recently completed important upgrades to Oran Park Drive, which will be sure to improve traffic flow and safety in the area. Oran Park Drive is an important thoroughfare for residents of Catherine Park Estate and Harrington Grove, as well as families of students from St Justins and St Benedicts. In order to cater for the increasing volume of road users, Harrington Estates undertook the road upgrades to ensure that travelling on Oran Park Drive is safer, faster and easier.


Special by name and by nature, Dancerwood is an outstanding opportunity to be a part of the prestigious Harrington Grove community and furthermore a chance to play a part in completing the Harrington Grove story.

Harrington Grove began as a dream of a magnificent estate over the rolling hills and vast fields of the rural Macarthur region. Today the dream is a reality and nearing completion. Time is running out to secure your own piece of this exquisitely beautiful and unique part of Sydney.


One of the most important aspects of how Harrington Estates have approached Harrington Grove is the preservation of large areas of Cumberland Plan Woodland within the estate.

Despite early stages of the development requiring the removal of some areas of bushland, embracing and nurturing large areas of the surrounding Harrington Forest have always been central to the long-term vision for Harrington Grove. To further enhance this vision, Harrington Estates have created a sustainable funding model to ensure the continued growth and preservation of natural flora.

To further improve the biodiversity of the local area and to provide additional funds for the management of the bushland, Harrington Estates entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth Department of the Environment to establish a native seed nursery onsite to substantially increase the diversity of plant species used in local revegetation projects.

A pilot nursery was established to test the viability of growing small, herbaceous species in a controlled environment and collecting the seed to use in local revegetation projects.

The success of the pilot nursery has allowed Harrington Estates to invest in upgrading the nursery to a commercial scale operation, with the funds from the sale of seed to revegetation projects going towards the long-term maintenance of bushland in Harrington Grove and nearby Catherine Park Estate.

This has allowed additional financial support for an existing community scheme as well as increasing the diversity of species used.
Harrington Estates are proud of their efforts to boost and revegetate the areas within and surrounding their projects, providing a long-term environmental solution.


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Happy Holidays from Harrington Grove, 2016

All of us from Harrington Grove would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season.

From growing our community by welcoming new families to being named the Best Master-planned Community in NSW by the Urban Development Institute of Australia, 2016 was another great year at Harrington Grove.


Residents already agree that Harrington Grove is a magical place to live but the most recent award provides even stronger evidence. Harrington Grove has been named the best Masterplanned Community in NSW (2016) by the UDIA NSW | Meriton Awards for Excellence. The award recognises masterplanned developments that are self-sufficient and offer high standards of design. But most importantly, it is the sense of place and range of community facilities that are most sought in awarding this title.

This complements Harrington Grove’s award for Australian Residential Development of the Year (2014). The judges for that year’s Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence noted the holistic approach and respect for the natural environment in Harrington Grove.

“The judges were particularly impressed by the overall quality of the development and attention to detail in every facet of the project. The restoration of bushland and creek lines and their integration with the residential precincts is exemplary," stated the award notes by the judges.


The final release of new homesites in Michelia will take place on Saturday 24 September. These new homesites range from 700m² to 2390m²*, providing a bounty of options for every lifestyle. Generous in size and complemented by its picturesque outlook, this seventh and final release in Michelia truly showcases the leafy Harrington Forest that surrounds it.

Homesites in Michelia offer immediate access to the extensive pathways and cycleways that run along the striking bushland. Yet its tranquil position does not mean a compromise in accessibility; with easy access to Cobbitty Road, residents have the benefit of being well connected.

Michelia is a highly sought after precinct within Harrington Grove, and the Michelia lifestyle will be enhanced by the Michelia Club. A stylish and sophisticated neighbourhood destination at the heart of Michelia, the facilities will include a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, gazebo, picnic tables, barbecues, and a gym. The seamless indoor-outdoor design ensures that the Michelia Club will be a popular destination throughout the year. Construction is due to start in 2016. Michelia residents will also have access to the Harrington Grove Country Club and the Magnolia Club.


Harringtons Bar + Grill is famous for its superb cuisine and beautiful views of the resort like Harrington Grove estate.

The stylish restaurant, which is set within the Harrington Grove Country Club, has been popular since the first day it opened its doors.

Its menu of starters, mains, and desserts offers substantial gastronomic variety from the sea to the farm as well as terrific value.


The UDIA NSW | Meriton Awards for Excellence has named Harrington Grove as the best 2016 Masterplanned Community in NSW.

The award recognises masterplanned developments that are designed for self-sufficiency and provide high standards of design, diversity, and housing choice. Specifically, projects worthy of this award must create a sense of place and include a range of lifestyle and community facilities.

Harrington Grove is a masterplanned community-oriented residential development. It sets new standards in urban form, sympathy to surroundings, community involvement, and a strong sense of place. Its high class facilities include the Harrington Grove Country Club with its resort-style pool, tennis courts, community rooms, fully-equipped gym, amphitheatre, and barbecue areas, as well as the Magnolia Club and future Michelia Club which also offer residents a bounty of facilitates.


Just think...the highest grade of steak from premium Riverine cattle, aged for at least 6 weeks using a combination of time-honoured processes for enhancing flavour and tenderness. Imagine glistening marinade crossed with char marks on your Rib Eye Steak. On the Bone. Harrington’s signature steak, topped with chips or mash, and vegies, and your choice of melt-in-your-mouth gravy or red wine jus. It’s a dish that exemplifies the approach at Harringtons Bar + Grill – simple and uncomplicated food that doesn’t rely on fancy garnishes and plating.

It's real food - really good.

Here you can expect casual and relaxed dining at its best 6 days and nights a week. Why not meet friends for lunch and drinks on the balcony, or brunch on the weekend with family, and splash out on a romantic dinner for two on a Saturday night.


While the Great Australian Dream is rapidly downsizing across Sydney and increasing in cost, Harrington Grove is once again proving the exception. Homesites within the latest Michelia release start at a generous 700m², offering room to build the home you've always wanted, without the compromises.

The commitment of the estate to large homesites reflects the desire in people for wide open spaces. To allow families room to grow, room to dream and room to live. With average new medium lots in Sydney measuring in at 450m², and even down to just 200m² in more densely populated areas, Michelia represents generous space at excellent value.

With a canvas this large, there's no need to limit the imagination. No longer will you need to choose between a rumpus room, office or home theatre. At Harrington Grove, it's all possible with room to spare.

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An entire section of modern literature is devoted to describing the benefits of social connections. Strong connections are crucial to modern life for everything from emotional wellbeing to physical health, and all of this goes back to where we live, the people we meet and those we share our space with.

At Harrington Grove, this is where we excel.

'The key to a happy life,' says author and psychologist Paul Bloom, 'is sustained relationships, challenging work and connections to the community.' This has never been easier to achieve than at Harrington Grove, where neighbourhood centres, local parks and winding paths connect the land as much as it does the people, building a firm foundation for a strong and social community.

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The street trees are an important feature of Harrington Grove and provide the beautiful tree-lined streets you see today. In addition to their aesthetic value, trees act as habitats and food sources for a range of local fauna while yielding positive environmental returns. Although trees can be very forgiving of any ‘green thumb’ mistakes, the following tips can help ensure that your trees remain strong and colourful:

  2. Give your trees a good soaking at least once a week. Trees require more water than turf, so do not rely on lawn irrigation as it does not provide sufficient water.

  4. Fertilise your tree once a year with a good organic fertiliser. Spring is always a good time to fertilise.


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Homesites in Michelia combine the best of the bushland and the Harrington Grove lifestyle benefits. All starting from 700m², a great number of these homesites boast splendid bushland outlooks that create a feeling of serenity and spaciousness.

Yet with the Michelia Club just around the corner, the luxury of world class facilities is always just a few moments away. A sophisticated neighbourhood destination at the heart of Michelia, the facilities will include a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, gazebo, picnic tables, barbecues and a gym. The seamless indoor-outdoor design will ensure the Michelia Club is a popular destination throughout the year. Michelia residents will also have access to the Harrington Grove Country Club and the Magnolia Club. Construction on Michelia Club is due to commence in 2016.

New homesites are currently available. For more information, view the interactive masterplan online at or call the sales team on (02) 4631 3200.

Life at Harrington Grove is enhanced by the Harrington Grove Country Club, Magnolia Club and the planned Michelia Club. All Harrington Grove residents have exclusive access to each of these luxurious clubs, which together provide them with available options of swimming pools, tennis courts and entertaining options just minutes from their doorsteps. With a bounty of other world-class community facilities just a stone’s throw away, the Harrington Grove lifestyle truly is unparalleled.

Harrington Grove Country Club

The stunning Harrington Grove Country Club forms the epicentre of the Harrington Grove community. Surrounded by woodlands and grassy hills, the Country Club is an exciting avenue for casual dining, recreation, relaxation and community interaction. It was built with architectural flair and design excellence to offer leisure and sporting facilities on a grand scale.

Harringtons Bar + Grill is an exciting restaurant located within the Harrington Grove Country Club, open Tuesday to Sunday. Its focus on seasonal produce and exciting dining experiences makes it a popular destination with Harrington Grove residents and non-residents alike. Similarly, the function rooms create the perfect atmosphere for special events ranging from milestone birthdays to weddings, christenings and other family events.


Harrington Park House and Orielton Homestead are two of the most historic houses in NSW, respectively located at the heart of Harrington Park and Harrington Grove. As part of the planning and rezoning of Harrington Grove, Harrington Estates undertook plans to restore both houses.

The full restoration of Harrington Park House has been undertaken and has now been completed.

Meanwhile, restoration of Orielton Homestead is well underway and is expected to take another 12 months. The work is intricate and painstaking, and there have been many special measures implemented in order to protect the delicate materials and fixtures. For example, an on-site joinery shop has been established to recreate the architecture of the past without the unnecessary wear and tear caused by travel. Orielton Homestead is prominent in the Harrington Park locality, being highly visible from The Northern Road.

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Harrington Grove invites people to join the community and live the Michelia lifestyle with the release of 80 new homesites this Saturday 19 March. 

This sixth release in Michelia boasts new homesites all exceeding 700m². Generous in size and complemented by the bushland outlook, Michelia has been developed with a fine balance of solace and convenience in mind. This amenity is highlighted by the easy access to Cobbitty Road. 

Enveloped by Harrington Forest, Michelia is designed to take full advantage of the natural bushland, offering immediate access to the extensive pathways and cycleways that wind through the picturesque environment for residents to explore.

Michelia is a highly sought after precinct within Harrington Grove, and the Michelia lifestyle will be enhanced by the Michelia Club. A stylish and sophisticated neighbourhood destination at the heart of Michelia, the facilities will include a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, gazebo, picnic tables, barbecues and a gym. The seamless indoor-outdoor design ensures that the Michelia Club will be a popular destination throughout the year. Michelia residents will also have access to the Harrington Grove Country Club and the Magnolia Club.View the interactive masterplan here. To make an appointment call (02) 4631 3200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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 Since its very inception, Harrington Grove has aimed to blend with the natural environment, creating a seamless relationship between the estate and its surrounds. The Bush Mate program seems to almost echo these intentions as they promote a closer relationship between residents and the natural landscape that surrounds them. 

The Bush Mate initiative is a community engagement and education program run by the National Parks Association of NSW with the support of Greening Australia, WWF, The University of Sydney and the Greater Sydney Local Land Services. 

The Bush Mate program seeks to encourage a respectful and sustainable relationship between local residents and their natural surroundings. This initiative aims to increase the connection between the community and the local bushland. Adopting a more connected relationship with the natural environment does not always require large changes to your lifestyle.

The Bush Mate program recommends such small changes as:Designing

  • Designing a backyard that is both bird and native animal-friendly

Imagine if every family in Harrington Grove designed their backyard to attract native birds and wildlife. Not only would we be providing a much-needed haven for these lovely creatures, we would be able to enjoy the variety of Australian wildlife that was part of our day-to-day lives.

  • Controlling weeds

Dominant weed species are damaging to the native Australian flora and fauna. By playing a small part and consistently controlling the weeds in your area, you can greatly minimise the impact these noxious plants have on the entire area.


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 High Tea is a long-held and much-loved tradition, a lovely throwback to a bygone era that is still held dear to Australians. 

In the Macarthur region, there is no High Tea experience that can parallel that of the Harrington Gove Country Club’s High Tea. Our sumptuous blend of both sweet and savoury delights combine blissfully with our range of traditional teas and espresso coffee options, bringing to life every taste bud imaginable.

The experience begins as soon as you walk through the Country Club doors, as a glass of bubbles and the smooth stylings of our entertainment greet you on arrival. The spectacular mix of traditional culinary delights with a distinctly modern twist are further complemented by the surrounds of the luxurious Harrington Grove Country Club. Taking in the vast and sweeping panoramas of the natural bushlands surrounding the Country Club grounds while enjoying all decadence of a traditional High Tea, one could easily lose track of more than a couple of hours. 

So isn’t it time that you and your friends treated yourselves to an afternoon of luxury and indulgence? Seats always fill quickly and we have a very limited availability, so please call us on 02 4631 3200 to enquire about upcoming High Tea dates and reserve your booking. 


There are only a few other sports that capture the Australian imagination as much as tennis. We hold a special place in our collective hearts for tennis stars such as Pat Rafter, Evonne Goolagong Cawley and the newly retired Lleyton Hewitt. At Harrington Grove, we like to think that one of Australia’s next champions could already be in our midst… we just need to be there for them at the start of their journey.

Living in the Harrington Grove community provides an abundance of opportunities for health, well-being and enjoyment, but it also provides the opportunity to excel at what could be a life-changing talent. Our tennis facilities not only accommodate those who enjoy a casual game, but our professional and experienced coaching staff can help your child reach their full potential. 

Our tennis facilities, located at both the Country Club and the Magnolia Club, provide the perfect arena to pursue talents in the safety, security and convenience of their very own estate. The new Michelia Club will also include tennis facilities when it opens.

Harrington Grove tennis facilities provide both camp style and lesson training alternatives that will actively feed your child’s passion for tennis, develop their natural talent, and help them to form life-long interests in this prestigious sport. 

Previous Summer Tennis and Sports Camp were a great success with both children and parents alike. Held in early January this year, many of our resident families took advantage of the four-day tennis camp, with everyone involved having an excellent time as part of their school holiday activities. Our Tennis and Sports Camp also provided the perfect opportunity for our residents to get to know each other in a fun and social environment. 

If you are interested in the tennis coaching programs, schedules or facilities available to Harrington Grove residents, make a booking through Grove Life or contact our Community Manager. 


The team at Harrington Grove would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday period. Harrington Grove land sales and Country Club are open throughout the holiday period, open 7 days 8.30am – 5.30pm, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Harrington Grove has land available now, we’d love you to visit us so we can show you around.

In 2015, Harrington Grove welcomed many new residents to our estate and saw our Magnolia Club recognised as an award winning design by the Master Builders Association.

Harrington Grove would like to wish you all the best for 2016 and is looking forward to opening the Michelia Club for residents and welcoming more new residents to our award winning estate.

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