Casual Sunday’s at Harringtons Bar and Grill

There are countless opportunities to socialise and relax at Harringtons Bar + Grill at the Harrington Grove Country Club.

Enjoy the warm surroundings and comfortable atmosphere with the new Casual Sundays at Harrington Bar and Grill. Casual Sundays kick off from 11.30am, offering $10 cocktails and the live music from 12pm sets a mellow Sunday mood.

There is also an exciting new menu on offer, one that makes the most of the seasonal produce and appetites! The new dip platter and seafood plate have been especially popular. For special events there is also a new canapé menu, which brings an exciting flair to your special private and corporate events.

So grab some friends and join us for the new Casual Sunday, where you can stay until 4pm and enjoy the view of the afternoon sun over the serene Harrington Forest from the balcony.