Harrington Grove is an address with boundless possibilities for an enriching lifestyle and delivering world-class facilities is at the heart of the Harrington Grove promise. Between the Harrington Grove Country Club, Magnolia Club and future Michelia Club set to open in 2016, the range of facilities available is incredibly vast.

The Harrington Grove Country Club forms the epicentre of the Harrington Grove community. With its tennis courts, swimming pools, picnic and barbecue facilities, amphitheatre, gym, community room, function rooms and Harringtons Bar + Grill, it provides residents and their guests with the perfect destination all year round.

The Magnolia Club – which opened in 2014 – is located within the Magnolia precinct. With its pool, spa and swim jets, picnic and barbecue facilities, kitchen facilities, multipurpose tennis court and Alfresco room, it is a convenient destination that is just around the corner.
The Michelia Club is scheduled to open in 2016. It will contain a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, gazebo picnic tables, barbecues and a gym, all conveniently situated in Harrington Grove’s Michelia precinct and all delivered with the characteristics of class and flair.

All three clubs offer world-class facilities available exclusively to residents of Harrington Grove and their guests.