Harrington Grove is delighted at the NSW government’s decision to construct the new South West Rail Link underground. Following months of discussion, the announcement has been jubilantly received by residents as it means more than 40 homes in Harrington Grove’s Wildfire will be spared. It also positively impacts upon the endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland that is so integral to Harrington Grove.

On behalf of Harrington Grove residents, Harrington Estates Managing Director Terry Goldacre is thankful to the NSW government for its consideration. “The NSW government listened to our residents and has made the best possible decision for them. We welcome the amenity of a new train line and the opportunity this presents to our residents and the wider community; having it situated underground is the best decision on every level,” he says.

Mr Goldacre is especially grateful to Chris Patterson MP, Member for Camden. “Mr Patterson has shown himself to be a loyal representative of the people of South West Sydney, especially regarding this issue. He went above and beyond to ensure that Camden received the best viable outcome in the form of an underground rail line, and we are appreciative of his support,” he says.

The South West Rail Link is set to run underground from Oran Park, beneath Harrington Grove and continue further south to Narellan. It will also include stations at Rossmore, Bringelly and North Bringelly, and will be an extension of the recently completed South West Rail Link that currently operates between Leppington and Glenfield. It will service the growing needs of the South West and will eventually link up with the future Badgerys Creek Airport.

Today’s announcement is positive on many levels for Harrington Grove and the wider community. More than 40 homes have been spared, and residents who would have been near the train lines needn’t fear the loud and disruptive sights and sounds. Just as significantly, the underground rail will also protect Harrington Forest, a substantial area of critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland that plays a strategically significant role in meeting the biodiversity offset requirements in the region. Harrington Forest also serves a substantial amenity and recreational role for residents.

“Our community will enjoy the convenience and benefits of the nearby train line while retaining the beauty and serenity that is so integral to the Harrington Grove lifestyle. Again, we are truly thankful to the NSW government and incredibly proud of our residents for submitting their opinions in a peaceful, intelligent manner. It says a lot about them, and it also speaks volumes about the government who granted their wishes,” says Mr Goldacre.