Top Tips: Caring For The Trees That Make Streets Beautiful

The street trees are an important feature of Harrington Grove and provide the beautiful tree-lined streets you see today. In addition to their aesthetic value, trees act as habitats and food sources for a range of local fauna while yielding positive environmental returns. Although trees can be very forgiving of any ‘green thumb’ mistakes, the following tips can help ensure that your trees remain strong and colourful:

  2. Give your trees a good soaking at least once a week. Trees require more water than turf, so do not rely on lawn irrigation as it does not provide sufficient water.

  4. Fertilise your tree once a year with a good organic fertiliser. Spring is always a good time to fertilise.

  6. Pruning your new trees can be done at any time of year. Remove any suckers or bottom growth as they appear. These can take the form of new stem shoots or other species growing in the shade of the tree. These will sap the energy from the main tree and will need to be removed.

  8. Mulch around the base of your tree will help keep the area moist by preventing the soil from drying out.