Update On The Restoration Of Orielton Homestead

Harrington Park House and Orielton Homestead are two of the most historic houses in NSW, respectively located at the heart of Harrington Park and Harrington Grove. As part of the planning and rezoning of Harrington Grove, Harrington Estates undertook plans to restore both houses.

The full restoration of Harrington Park House has been undertaken and has now been completed.

Meanwhile, restoration of Orielton Homestead is well underway and is expected to take another 12 months. The work is intricate and painstaking, and there have been many special measures implemented in order to protect the delicate materials and fixtures. For example, an on-site joinery shop has been established to recreate the architecture of the past without the unnecessary wear and tear caused by travel. Orielton Homestead is prominent in the Harrington Park locality, being highly visible from The Northern Road.

Archaeological conservation is a key to the successful delivery of the restoration. A water stone dating back to the 1840s that has been retrieved from the site will be preserved and featured in the restoration. Similarly, the stables and barn will be restored to capture the original spirit of the homestead and its grounds.

One of the challenges for the team restoring Orielton Homestead is the many changes the Homestead has gone through as it was used for different purposes by different owners. During its time, Orielton has operated as horse agistment, a farming estate used for cropping cereals, a milling flour, a grazing estate, a hunting/pleasure ground, a weekender and during WWII it was an army occupied site. It was during this time that substantial changes to the fabric of the house occurred.

According to NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Orielton Homestead is of state heritage significance to the Camden area for the following reasons:

With its imposing front entry and 26 rooms, Orielton Homestead will truly shine upon completion of the restoration, when it will be returned to its former majesty.