It is no surprise to residents that Harrington Grove has been awarded the best residential development 2014 by the Urban Institute of Australia – they have known it all along.

Resident Donna Wickman has called Harrington Grove home for the past 18 months and has been pleasantly surprised with the relationships she and her family have developed. “I’m amazed to have made so many friends in such a short amount of time through community events like the Residents’ Rendezvous. I know everyone in our street and we have all become friends, so we socialise all the time. The staff at the Country Club are really friendly and helpful. They make you feel at home which is great,” she says.

The first time she visited the estate, resident of 2 years Julie Smyth knew she was at home. “We absolutely love living here. From the moment we put a deposit on the land it felt like home. All of the facilities are here for us to use, and it is just stunning. Before we had even moved in we had that strong sense of community,” she says.

Having made the move from Sydney’s Inner West, Ms Smyth is also impressed with Harrington Grove’s physical beauty. “There are the gorgeous trees, and the feeling you get when you walk through those double doors to the Country Club is just beautiful,” she says.

The wealth of facilities at Harrington Grove makes the lifestyle unique and fulfilling. Residents enjoy exclusive access to two swimming pools, four tennis courts, a well-equipped gym, community function rooms, barbecue facilities, playgrounds, fitness stations and a network of pathways and cycleways. Even more crucial than the facilities is the bounty of programs and events that promote community interaction and oneness.

Highlights include the annual Harrington Fun Run, Spring Fair, monthly Residents’ Rendezvous, poolside dining events and Christmas and Easter festivities. The strong community spirit has led to close relationships between residents that has strengthened the entire community, creating a strong social fabric that forms the core of Harrington Grove.