Harrington Forest

Harrington Grove is one of the largest private conservation areas in Sydney, with over 280 hectares of land preserved in its natural state. There are woodlands, streams and kilometres of walking paths and cycleways. Our on-site tree nursery, which is fully maintained by eight full-time staff, is testament to our dedication to ensuring Harrington Grove remains a leafy place to live.

Distinctive for its natural outlook and lofty hills, Harrington Grove enjoys incredible views of the natural panorama of the South West. Crear Hill, one of the highest geographical points in the South West, offers 360 degrees views spanning across the glistening Nepean River all the way to the majestic Blue Mountains.

The delicate preservation of the Cumberland Plain Woodland - which is laden with cultural and historic relevance - was a major challenge for Harrington Estates. It was badly degraded prior to development, but was lovingly and sensitively restored and continues to be maintained today. 

A naturally rich and thriving environment, Harrington Grove has been designed with large homesites widely spaced in discrete precincts. Each precinct is surrounded by vast conservation lands and streams, which are maintained to ensure ongoing enjoyment of nature for years to come.

Only 40 per cent of Harrington Grove will be developed – a balance that has been designed for conservation. Designated as a fauna habitat development area, active regeneration and restoration of ecological communities is continually taking place under a comprehensive Conservation Management Plan, creating a safe environment for birds, possums, wallabies and other wildlife to flourish in peace alongside their human counterparts. See our gallery for more.

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