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Bush Mate initiatives

Posted by Harrington Grove on Wednesday, 02 March 2016 in Community

 Since its very inception, Harrington Grove has aimed to blend with the natural environment, creating a seamless relationship between the estate and its surrounds. The Bush Mate program seems to almost echo these intentions as they promote a closer relationship between residents and the natural landscape that surrounds them. 

The Bush Mate initiative is a community engagement and education program run by the National Parks Association of NSW with the support of Greening Australia, WWF, The University of Sydney and the Greater Sydney Local Land Services. 

The Bush Mate program seeks to encourage a respectful and sustainable relationship between local residents and their natural surroundings. This initiative aims to increase the connection between the community and the local bushland. Adopting a more connected relationship with the natural environment does not always require large changes to your lifestyle.

The Bush Mate program recommends such small changes as:Designing

  • Designing a backyard that is both bird and native animal-friendly

Imagine if every family in Harrington Grove designed their backyard to attract native birds and wildlife. Not only would we be providing a much-needed haven for these lovely creatures, we would be able to enjoy the variety of Australian wildlife that was part of our day-to-day lives.

  • Controlling weeds

Dominant weed species are damaging to the native Australian flora and fauna. By playing a small part and consistently controlling the weeds in your area, you can greatly minimise the impact these noxious plants have on the entire area.

  • Managing cats and dogs

By managing your beloved pet’s impact on the local wildlife, you can protect them as well as the environment. Simple things like keeping your cat inside as much as possible and always walking your dog on a lead can really help to preserve the local area.

  • Respecting the bush while exploring it

There is nothing quite like being amongst nature, but it is important to be mindful of your actions while you do enjoy the local surroundings. Being respectful of the bushland you are exploring can be as simple as taking your rubbish with you, keeping to dedicated paths and trying not to startle the wildlife.If you would like further tips on how to enjoy a closer relationship with your natural surroundings or on the Bush Mate program initiatives, take a look at


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