When the first residents of Harrington Grove move in early next year, not only will they be living in an idyllic location, they will also be planting the first seeds to becoming part of a close knit and evolving community.

The first of the residents have already started to get involved and learn about their new community at a recent cocktail party which was held by Harrington Estates to welcome new residents. The evening was a great success and a tremendous opportunity for residents to meet their future neighbours and forge new friendships. The ‘Welcome Cocktail Parties’ are now a regular event on the Harrington Grove calendar and will be a great chance to learn about some of the many community initiatives which are already in place. One such initiative is the Harrington Grove ‘Mobi-Q’, a purpose built mobile barbeque and trailer, similar to the one used by the Harrington Park community for the past 7 years for street parties and other celebrations - all at absolutely no cost to residents.

On Father’s Day earlier this month Geoff and Susana Woods were officially the first to use the new outdoor barbeque facilities at the Country Club. Taking full advantage of the great new facilities and the fantastic weather we understand that the christening of the barbeque all went well and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

This community spirit is at the very core of Harrington Park and Harrington Grove; in fact this sense of community was really the starting point for both. When Sir Warwick Fairfax purchased the land over 65 years ago his vision was that he would one day create an idyllic community on the land he fell in love with. After his death his wife Lady Mary Fairfax stepped in and worked tirelessly to see Sir Warwick’s dream fulfilled. In 1992 as people waited to purchase their properties at Harrington Park, strong friendships and social ties began to form and the beginnings of the famous Harrington Park community spirit were established. Just as it had been envisioned, a unique and autonomous community was evolving. This is the basis of Harrington Park today and is expected to continue with the final stage of the dream, Harrington Grove.