The seasons play such a great role in how we feel, what we eat, what we wear and what pastimes we engage in. So it goes without say that the dawn of a new season brings with it excitement and anticipation for the three months ahead. As spring draws nearer there are dreams of longer days and shorter sleeves, lighter meals shared with the light of sunset, warmer mornings and cooler bed covers and a freshness that comes from spending more time outdoors. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the springtime sunshine:

  1. Pack a picnic

    The best part about a picnic is that with a little bit of organisation, it can be a cheap and cheerful day out. Hark back to simpler times where the great outdoors were more than enough stimulation for the whole family. Pick a new spot and invite some friends as well.

  2. Head to the beach

    While early spring doesn’t exactly make for enticing swimming weather, it becomes more inviting later in the season. Either way, the beach is a magical day out whether you’re swimming or not, punctuated by starving seagulls, salty mists and soft sand.

  3. Plan a sunset barbecue

    Celebrate the first evening of daylight savings on Sunday 7 October with a sunset barbecue. The evening vibe is completely different on that first day, heralding the extended sunlight for the next six months.

  4. Head out into the garden

    Now that the winter frosts have gone it is time to grab the gardening gloves and head outside to tend to the garden. Whether planting new trees or shrubs, clearing out the winter weeds or giving the lawn a new lease on life, spring is the time to do it.

  5. Get out into the community

    Spring brings with it all sorts of new inspiration. The air is warmer, the crowds more energised and vendors are more invigorated. Check out a local market, artisan producer, cafe or restaurant as they often have new spring menus and goods to celebrate the season.