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At Harrington Grove there are kilometres of walking paths and cycleways that wind through beautiful grounds and breathtaking lookouts. Pathways and fitness stations are integrated into the planning and design of the estate allowing safe and scenic walks that follow the natural contours of the land. The paths eventually meet the extensive walking paths and cycleways in neighbouring Harrington Park, leading to the lake, a range of parks and myriad open spaces.

Natural woodlands and expansive open spaces characterise Harrington Grove. Extending over 720 acres of preservation land undergoing extensive regeneration, Grey Box Eucalypts, lofty Forest Red Gums and Broadleaf Apple trees punctuate the landscape. The unique flora and fauna is such an important part of the entire fabric of Harrington Grove. With over 69 bird species and 14 types of mammals, you may meet some as you walk or cycle around the estate.

At Harrington Grove there are many opportunities to find solitude and enjoy quiet moments to reflect on life whilst looking out over the majestic views and passing a range of modern public art. This is counterbalanced by the activity and countless sporting facilities on offer at the nearby Country Club. You can enjoy the best of both worlds; a quiet, peaceful walk or cycle to get away from it all or an afternoon of social interaction at the Country Club. The choice is yours at Harrington Grove.





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