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Connected Communities: Key To A Happy Life

Posted by Harrington Grove on Monday, 06 June 2016 in Land Sales

An entire section of modern literature is devoted to describing the benefits of social connections. Strong connections are crucial to modern life for everything from emotional wellbeing to physical health, and all of this goes back to where we live, the people we meet and those we share our space with.

At Harrington Grove, this is where we excel.

'The key to a happy life,' says author and psychologist Paul Bloom, 'is sustained relationships, challenging work and connections to the community.' This has never been easier to achieve than at Harrington Grove, where neighbourhood centres, local parks and winding paths connect the land as much as it does the people, building a firm foundation for a strong and social community.

At its very inception, Harrington Grove was designed to bring people together. To build a neighbourhood where people could flourish and families could grow in an environment combining natural woodlands and modern luxuries.

This is a reality today, with over 280 hectares of beautifully preserved bushland, scenic streams and multiple parks and playgrounds to be enjoyed. Kilometres of scenic pedestrian pathways and cycleways interconnect across the land, available for jogging, cycling or just walking the dog while taking in the fresh air.

The dining, recreation and fitness facilities at Harrington Grove Country Club are second to none, placed at the social epicentre of the magnificent Harrington Grove Estate. This is complemented by the Magnolia Club and future Michelia Club (currently under construction), each offering their own array of swimming, tennis and fitness facilities covering the geographical breadth of the estate.

Friendly conversations and neighbourhood events dominate the social landscape, making it the perfect place to raise a family or entertain friends. A dedicated Grovelife website allows residents to keep abreast of all community events and to make bookings at the many facilities available.

Today, you can join the lifestyle. Visit the sales and information centre at Harrington Grove Country Club or call the team on (02) 4631 3200 to get connected.

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